We Provide you a pre cut key for Sentry Safe locks. This spesific item is for your Sentry Safe 1100 or 1170 with codes 3A2-3Z2, Cut and ready to operate your lock.

3A2-3Z2. New keys for Sentry Safe 1100/1170 locks.

$9.99 Regular Price
$8.99Sale Price
  • Finding your Key Code

    Your'e key code should be engraved on the face of your Sentry Safe lock, right on the silver part where you slide the key in, and also the Sentry Safe key code engraved on the original Sentry Safe keys.
  • Are all Keys the same?

    No, Each brand has a different key blank and code combination for the same code. You MUST verify that your lock is made by Sentry Safe models 1100 or 1170 and have a set numbers of "3" and "2" and a letter in between.
  • I need to find a different code.

    If you're looking for a different key code than the Sentry Safe 3A2-3Z2 series, Please Please contact us

  • what type of key is this?

    This is a Double sided New�key cut on SS4 blank to your code 3A2-3Z2 and ready to unlock the specific code purchased. for more info on other keys - please shoot us an Email and we'll be happy to assist.
    So, If you have a code 3A2-3Z2 and you need a new keys for your Sentry Safe 1100 or Sentry Safe 1170 lock - this is the right item for you.